Boars Hair Detail Brush



The Boars Hair Detail Brush features 2" long natural bristles, epoxy set in plastic ferrule on a lacquered wooden handle for durability. The 100% boars hair provides peace of mind on all surfaces and allows you to easily clean around badges, rear view mirrors, fuel caps, door jambs, wheels, lug nuts, and anywhere else you thought was hard to reach before. It is unaffected by strong cleaners and the brush is mounted on a 9" long laquer coated wooden handle with a hanger location at the tip for your convenience.  

  • Brush Material: 100% Natural Boars Hair
  • Handle: Laquer Coated Wood
  • Epoxy Set Bristles
  • Total Length:  11 1/2"
  • Brush Diameter: 1"Bristle Length 2"

Collections: Brushes/Applicators/Mitts

Type: Unknown Type

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