Optimum Opti-Clay "Heavy/Firm"



Optimum Opti-Clay will quickly remove contamination such as rail dust, industrial fallout, tree sap and paint overspray from your vehicles paint leaving a smooth and clean surface. It's also necessary to remove this contamination prior to waxing or sealing the paint, to ensure the wax bonds to the clean paint rather than the contamination covering it.

To use Optimum Opti-Clay, wet the surface with a clay lubricant such as Optimum No Rinse, then lightly run the clay back and forward until the surface becomes smooth. Wipe clean with a microfibre cloth. Next, refold the clay to produce a clean surface and move to the next section and repeat.

Optimum Opti-Clay is available in two grades - standard Opti-Clay Yellow for usual contamination and Opti-Clay Firm Black for heavy contaminants and neglected vehicles.

Optimum Opti-Clay Yellow is packaged with 2 x 2 oz bars.

Optimum Opti-Clay Firm Black is packaged with 1 x 2.8 oz bar.

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