DIC-20 High Output Rolling System

CR Spotless


The DIC-20 provides approximately 300 gallons of mineral-free, de-ionized water based on your water input quality. It consists of two 20 inch de-ionization housings that feature replaceable and/or refillable cartridges that simply slide into the watertight tubes. The entire unit is mounted on a powder coated, rust resistant rolling cart that makes it convenient to move into position and store away when finished.

SHIPS COMPLETE, READY-TO-USE with two 20-inch de-ionizing resin cartridges, hose connectors, stainless steel input line, filter wrench and battery operated water purity indicator.

  1. – Two 20-inch de-ionizing resin cartridges
  2. – PVC hose connectors
  3. – Stainless steel input line
  4. – Filter wrench
  5. – Spray nozzle (Important! Use on fan or center setting to restrict flow to less than 2.5 gallons per minute)
  6. – Battery operated water purity indicator

The only thing missing is your ‘soon-to-be’ spot-free surface needing the TLC we make so incredibly easy. Garage queens, motorcycles, solar panels, windows, daily drivers, motorhomes, desert toys, golf carts, mountain bikes and you-name-it. Anywhere spots drove you nuts, you can now enjoy the ability to wash in direct sunlight WORRY-FREE.

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